Helping you trust yourself & Take up Space

Diet culture and the patriarchy have convinced you to spend your life playing small.

It's time to expand. 


About Me

Hi there! I'm Molly and I'm so glad you're here. 

As a former chronic yo-yo dieter and a recovering people-pleaser/perfectionist,
I know all too well how easy it is to let old stories dictate how you move through the world. 

After years of chasing external validation, I was finally able to shift my beliefs and lean into the intuitive self trust I truly craved. 

I'm here to guide you forward while honoring your true needs, observing your own habits, and expanding into that next level version of you. 

Let's get started, together


Ebb & Flow:
Art Journaling

Learn how to deconstruct your thoughts, rewrite your body story, and ditch diet culture for good in this self-paced, online program. 

The Body Image Bridge

Work on specific areas of your life that need attention to help you move into that next level version of you. Individualized support and attention.

Join this monthly creative workshop series to explore your feelings through art-making and community connection.

kind Words from Clients

"I recommend working with Molly to anyone who expresses interest in learning more about the Health At Every Size movement.

Molly has been such a gift to me. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and pushes you when you need to be pushed.

I will be forever grateful to Molly and all she has done for me. "

- Anne

"I started being able to catch my thoughts I've had around my body and food and have been starting to use my bridge thoughts. Even doing this has started to change how I feel because of feeling proud of myself for noticing and being able to apply what I've learned.

I really enjoyed working with Molly.
She's a fabulous coach and does so much to support her clients!"

- Bri

"I learned so many tools to undo some of the toxic ways I was thinking about my relationship to food and my body. Now, I feel empowered to make decisions based on what I want and what I need. To center my feelings and to really just say screw it!

The thought work that we did was perhaps the greatest takeaway for me... it’s extended into so many other parts of my life, not just my relationship with food. My relationship to perfectionism has totally changed. I am forever grateful for this step forward I took with Molly."

- Mar