Bring Your Own Body


An online space for community connection, creative reflection, and radical self-acceptance. 

Are you looking for...

A space to process your thoughts and feelings away from social media?

A community of like-minded people who understand what it’s like to struggle with body image and self-acceptance?

Daily support around topics like body image, intuitive eating, self-trust, perfectionism, people-pleasing, and more from a Certified Life Coach?

A forum to engage in both individual and collective healing.

An opportunity to question your thought patterns with curiosity and work toward a more supportive mindset.

A way to engage in creative self-care activities that help you embody your truest self.

Well, my friend, you've found all of those things right here!

Or maybe you're looking for...

Here's the thing about personal growth, it can't be done in a vacuum. When you are able to focus on your individual healing and witness the healing of others, the intersection of those experiences provides an even greater sense of true embodiment. 

BYOB provides you with an opportunity to question your thought patterns with curiosity, engage in creative self-care activities, and learn inside a supportive community. So that you can take these skills and implement them in your daily life, moving toward alignment with ease and resilience.

Practice embodying your values day to day so you can pursue your dreams with resilience and passion 

Be supported in your challenges, seen when you need witnessing, and celebrated when you succeed, even in tiny ways

Make connections with humans who are working toward similar mindset shifts and personal goals to live their fullest lives

Explore fat liberation while unpacking fatphobia and unlearning harmful diet culture rhetoric

Find food freedom and repair your relationship to your body

Find new ways to cope and process your emotions

Help you tap into your unique wisdom and inner guidance

Shift out of perfectionism and start living your life more intentionally

Move away from all-or-nothing thinking and embrace the gray area of life

BYOB is a space that can help you:

all for just $33/month!

  • Mini-lessons, Q&A threads
  • Surprise extras like: pop-up coaching, virtual dance parties, members-only workshops, special guests, etc.

radical self- acceptance

  • Weekly Journal Prompts
  • Monthly Ebb & Flow Art Journaling sessions


  • Private Slack Community
  • Monthly Group Coffee Chat


Here's what's inside:

PLUS: Discounts on Special Workshops, Coaching Sessions, and Courses

Meet your coach, molly

Hi, friend! I'm Molly, a Certified Life Coach dedicated to helping women develop intuitive self-trust. I guide my clients into the gray area of life so they can abandon perfectionism and diet culture, instead of abandoning themselves.

Using my unique combination of coaching, creative self-care techniques, and mindset makeovers, I guide my clients to love and respect their bodies exactly as they are.

When I'm not helping my clients ditch diet culture for good, I love seeing live theatre, watching Schitt's Creek, and drinking too many vanilla oat milk lattes.

Here's what past clients have said

"I recommend working with Molly to anyone who expresses interest in learning more about the Health At Every Size movement.

Molly has been such a gift to me. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and pushes you when you need to be pushed.

I will be forever grateful to Molly and all she has done for me. "

- Anne

"I started being able to catch my thoughts I've had around my body and food and have been starting to use my bridge thoughts. Even doing this has started to change how I feel because of feeling proud of myself for noticing and being able to apply what I've learned.

I really enjoyed working with Molly.
She's a fabulous coach and does so much to support her clients!"

- Bri

"I learned so many tools to undo some of the toxic ways I was thinking about my relationship to food and my body. Now, I feel empowered to make decisions based on what I want and what I need. To center my feelings and to really just say screw it!

The thought work that we did was perhaps the greatest takeaway for me... it’s extended into so many other parts of my life, not just my relationship with food. My relationship to perfectionism has totally changed. I am forever grateful for this step forward I took with Molly."

- Mar

"It’s like giant lightbulbs are going off for me. I was equating diet culture with dieting, which I feel to have overcome, but had not recognized how many subliminal messages there are out there that reinforce the beliefs I’ve been trying to shed beyond that.
No wonder it’s so difficult!

This is such a gamechanger to have this clarity and awareness.
I just dug through so many layers of deeply seeded feelings and beliefs
I didn’t realize were being held. This work is so important. Thank you."

- Alina

A little more about the membership

Slack Community

Inside our private Slack community, there are over 20 channels. 

Whether you want to share about a challenge you're facing with intuitive eating or a boundary you're trying to set with a loved one, there's space here for you to unpack all of that

There's also space for sharing music, art, and celebrations, both big and small!

There's space to ask for help and ask questions. There's space to bear witness and seek non-judgmental support.

There's space to explore and dig deeper, all at your own pace.

monthly group coffee chats

Every month, the group will find a time that works for the majority and meet over Zoom to chat and connect! Grab a beverage (the group is called BYOB, after all!) and join Molly for a low-key conversation. Ask questions, share experiences, It's your time to connect LIVE with Molly and each other.

ebb & Flow art journaling sessions

This is Molly's signature monthly, creative art journaling workshop. Ebb & Flow is a 90 minute exploration of a specific topic designed to expand your sense of self through artistic expression. We get together over Zoom, listen to music, make art, and share what it's like to process, creatively. 

weekly prompts

Each week, Molly will share a journal prompt in the Slack group to help you reflect on a different topic. You're welcome to share your reflections or keep them to yourself. Either way, these prompts are designed to guide you inward.

plus so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

$33/month (about a dollar a day!)

The time commitment is truly up to you! The beauty of BYOB is that you can participate as much or as little as you would like. As long as you are an active member, the Slack community will be there for you to lean on. I would recommend spending 15-30 minutes on the weekly journal prompts, but you can use the resources, share reflections, connect with other members, and ask questions as much as you’d like. The monthly Ebb & Flow session is 90 minutes long and the monthly group hangouts will be about 60 minutes long.

You sure will! Molly will be active in the Slack community on a daily basis (Monday- Friday) in addition to hosting the monthly Ebb & Flow art journaling sessions, group hangouts, and pop-up opportunities.

Once you join, you’ll be directed to our private Slack community. The Slack app is free to download and you’ll be prompted to sign off on the community guidelines before beginning your time in the membership.

A Zoom link to all of these sessions will be shared in the Slack community. While Ebb & Flow dates for the remainder of 2022 are already scheduled, the other group calls will be scheduled with member availability in mind each month to accommodate the majority of the group. While Ebb & Flow is not recorded for privacy purposes (and because non-members can participate in drop-in sessions), the group hangouts and other live calls will be recorded and available for members to watch in the Slack community. If you miss an Ebb & Flow session, Molly will post all art-making prompts afterwards for you to complete on your own time.

Nope! BYOB is intentionally hosted via Slack away from traditional social media channels. 

BYOB starts with a three-month commitment to allow you to get acclimated to this work, engage in self-reflection, and build community connections. You can cancel anytime after the initial three months if you feel it’s no longer the right fit for you. Because of the nature of the experience, there are no refunds. 

Calls with Molly privately are not part of the BYOB membership. She will help answer your questions in the group and facilitate discussions to support all members. If you are looking for one on one support, check out this page to learn all about Molly’s private 4 month coaching container. There is also an option for BYOB members to book a discounted Spring Forward session plus a week of Voxer support with Molly for just $222 (a 33% discount!) - you can submit your interest form for that here. 

BYOB is in no way a replacement for therapy, eating disorder treatment, and/or any other medical care. If you have an eating disorder, please visit National Eating Disorders Association for referrals or talk to a trusted health care provider for next steps and support. Please read full disclaimer here.

Feel free to reach out to Molly via email

You get to show up, in the body you have right now.

Exactly as you are.

To heal.

To grow.

To learn.

To connect.

See you inside, friend!