ebb & flow

a creative art journaling series

Ebb & Flow is a monthly, virtual creative workshop series complete with thematic journal prompts, meditations, art making, and discussion. 

Sessions are 90 minutes long and held over Zoom on the second Sunday of every month throughout 2022.

Check out the full schedule and monthly themes below! You are welcome to join once, twice, or as many times as you like. 

Expand your sense of self through artistic expression 

In my own healing journey, using art as a tool to explore my feelings has been an immense gift. After attending art therapy, I recognized the power and beauty of combining creative expression and life coaching. 

Blending these practices together has been a hallmark of my work as a Life Coach and Intuitive Mentor. When clients are able to focus on the process of creating art, rather than the need to create a presentable product, they develop a pathway for experiencing their emotions rather than avoiding them.

So often, the thoughts we have stay stuck in our heads, swirling around with nowhere to go. Through putting pen to paper (or paint to canvas, etc.), we can let the feelings ebb and flow through us, giving them space to breathe and come to light. 

Why Art?

All sessions take place over Zoom at 12pm EST. A link will be provided upon registration.






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2022 schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! These workshops are all about the process rather than the product. If you have the desire to try this, then it's meant for you.

You can bring whatever art supplies you have around the house or simply use a pen and paper. No special materials necessary. 

Of course! Seats are limited and everyone who attends needs a ticket, so just make sure they register online beforehand. 

Unfortunately, due to the nature of these sessions and to protect the privacy of the participants, Ebb & Flow will not be recorded. 

I will do everything within my ability (and within reason) to ensure your satisfaction. Due to the format of these sessions, refunds will not be issued once a session or annual pass has been purchased.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything I can do to make your experience a more pleasant one, please email Molly Goodman at info@mollygoodman.com.

Yes! I take on a limited number of private clients and am always happy to discuss how I can support you. Please reach out via email at info@mollygoodman.com to discuss.

There is no private coaching component included in Ebb & Flow.

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I can't wait to create with you...

Because the act of using art and creativity to explore your feelings is brave, bold, & beautiful.


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