A 4 month group coaching program with the ultimate goal of helping you hate your body a little bit less every single day.

october 3, 2022 - january 30, 2023

I get it. It can be SO tempting to skip ahead to the end.

To try and push yourself farther than you’re ready to go because it seems like everyone else has all their shit together.

They are just walking around, feeling great about their bodies and ignoring all the haters.

And while that’s an admirable goal and there are certainly people who fall into that category, I’m willing to bet that most people you see strutting their stuff on social media are bypassing a lot of the emotion and mindset stuff that comes with living in a fatphobic world.

And as much as I want to burn diet culture to the ground, I’m not expecting that weight stigma and oppression is just going to magically disappear with some mantras and a crop-top.

I’m fully aware that those of us in larger bodies have less access in this world.


I’ve created this space for us to work through those disparities together and put the focus back on YOU, regardless of what society is telling you to be.

EXPAND is a four month group coaching and live workshop program for folks who want to build a better relationship to their body without bypassing the very real stuff that comes from living in our fatphobic world. 

Inside of this program, we'll dig into your unique body story and how it shows up in your daily life with the purpose of adjusting and shifting your beliefs about yourself and your body so that you can live with less guilt and shame about the way you look.

You'll learn how to prioritize your own well-being from a weight-neutral lens, while honing your resilience against diet culture norms. 

EXPAND is all about giving you the tools to focus on who you are vs. how you look, with dedicated integration and embodiment practices to help you along the way.

We’ll meet twice a week for four months beginning in October.

Each week will consist of a live group coaching session and either a workshop or group gathering session.

Together, we’ll explore the four core principles of this program through in-depth workshops:


Learning about how you create thought patterns and what that translates to in terms of your nervous system, emotions, and daily life.

You’ll learn to recognize your patterns and process your emotions so that you can move through them instead of ignoring them or bypassing what’s real for you.


Recognizing what your body story is and rewriting it based on small, measured steps in a new direction.

You’ll begin to shift your mindset while making small changes to your approach to your body and yourself.


Using creative self care techniques like art journaling and grounding exercises, you’ll begin to tune into your inner voice and intuition.

Learning to listen to your body and explore your relationship with food and movement in a way that supports you where you’re at now and allows for expansion when you feel called to do just a bit more.


Creating boundaries in your life with the people you love to support yourself and your relationships based on your core values and identity.

You’ll learn about how to show up for yourself in spaces where you are met with resistance and bias while honoring your needs and humanity first. 

These workshops are paired with weekly coaching sessions, daily Slack support, and communal gatherings to help you integrate and embody these concepts in real time, and on your time.

You'll learn how to:

  • practice non-traditional self care with tools like art journaling and grounding exercises that actually fit into your day

  • create new thought patterns that support where you are now and where you'd like to go

  • establish boundaries around diet talk while advocating for your unique needs

  • shift your relationship to food in a way that feels way less stressful

  • pave a path toward body liberation without toxic positivity or ignoring the nuance and complexity of what it means to be a human inside diet culture

"Molly has been the best support and sounding board. She has provided support and challenged my ideas where I needed it. (She) has the sweetest disposition and most kind manner. In the most gentle way, she has coached me through so many worries."

EXPAND is a high-touch, hybrid group coaching and
live workshop program that will run from
October 2022 through January 2023.

I want to see you expand into the version of yourself that doesn’t give a shit about what diet culture or Aunt Diane or your fatphobic coworker says about your body. 

I want you to live a life where you’re not constantly overwhelmed with negative thought spirals about what you should eat and how you should dress.

AND. I know that society is always going to have something to say (and so is Aunt Diane.) So this program is designed for the person who is ready to get a little messy.

Because the resistance will be there. Life will be life.

What matters is how you respond in the sticky moments that make you uncomfortable.

What matters is how you choose to honor who you are and where you're at without bypassing your emotions and humanity.

That's the work.

It's the in-between, messy, joyful, sometimes-painful, liberating, work that I would be honored to guide you through in EXPAND

"I learned so many tools to undo some of the toxic ways I was thinking about my relationship to food and my body. Now, I feel empowered to make decisions based on what I want and what I need. To center my feelings and to really just say screw it!

The thought work we did was perhaps the greatest takeaway for me... it's extended into so many other parts of my life, not just my relationship to food. My relationship to perfectionism has totally changed.

I am forever grateful for this step forward I took with Molly."

What if you could:

  • Make decisions at the grocery store or when ordering takeout that didn’t leave you in a full-fledged panic over calories and carbs and actually eat stuff you enjoy with way less guilt?

  • Spend time at the beach with your family and not freak out at the thought of people seeing you in a bathing suit and just chill in the sun and sand, at peace with life and your body?

  • Take photos with your friends during a night out that don’t involve you hiding in the back row or shoving a pillow in front of you to hide yourself so you can remember the immense belly laughs without immense shame for your belly?

  • Create boundaries at work around diet talk so that the next time Susan suggests you try her latest keto-macro-paleo meal plan you feel confident that it’s not for you and you stand up for yourself without shame?

  • Fill your life with hobbies and activities that bring you joy instead of spending all your time worrying about what you look like or who is judging you because you feel deeply rooted in who you are?

"I recommend working with Molly to anyone who expresses interest in learning more about the Health At Every Size movement.

Molly has been such a gift to me. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and pushes you when you need to be pushed. I will be forever grateful to Molly and all she has done for me."

is for you if:


  • You want to feel way less stressed about your body and appearance while learning about the ways society rewards smaller bodies and feeling all the things that come with that rather than squashing it down.

  • You want to acknowledge your thought patterns while learning to listen to your body with patience and understanding while building new habits that support the next level version of you.

  • You want to root yourself in a community that understands where you are coming from and will cheer you on through all the ups and downs of this work

  • You’re ready to explore self-expression in a way that moves you away from people-pleasing and perfectionism and closer toward autonomy and clarity.

"I started being able to catch my thoughts I've had around my body and food and have been starting to use my bridge thoughts.

Even doing this has started to change how I feel because of feeling proud of myself for noticing and being able to apply what I've learned.

I really enjoy working with Molly. She's a fabulous coach and does so much to support her clients!"

EXPAND is a four month group coaching program that will help you slowly shift your perspective about food, body, and self so that you can hate your body a little bit less every day.

There are four core pillars (and accompanying workshops) of the program:

Learning about how you create thought patterns and what that translates to in terms of your nervous system, emotions, and daily life. 

Recognizing what your body story is and rewriting it based on small, measured steps in a new direction.

Using creative self care techniques like art journaling and grounding exercises, you’ll begin to tune into your inner voice and intuition.

Creating boundaries in your life with the people you love to support yourself and your relationships based on your core values and identity.





Intro to Thought Work:
You’ll learn how your thoughts create your feelings, which cause certain habits to exist in your life. With compassion and understanding, you’ll be able to start mapping out your reactions and learning how to care for your nervous system without bypassing the very real feelings you are experiencing.

Bridge Thoughts:
You’ll learn how to move slowly toward new thought patterns instead of forcing yourself to go beyond your capacity. This mindset reframe tool will serve you so much more than any mantra you’ve ever tried. 

Body Story pt. 1:
We’ll look back at how your thoughts and beliefs around your body were formed so that you can determine what is serving you and what’s holding you back from living your life in a way that feels supportive and grounded.

Body Story pt. 2:
You’ll start writing a new body story with new thought patterns and use the power of thought work to rewire your belief system so that your body becomes a part of you and your story, rather than an enemy or opponent. 

Art of Intuitive Eating pt. 1 & 2: We’ll explore the 10 principles of intuitive eating (split into two parts) with guided art and creative exercises to help you tap into your body and emotions in a way that is not always accessible via thought work.

The 10 principles of Intuitive Eating are:

  1. Reject the Diet Mentality
  2. Honor Your Hunger
  3. Make Peace with Food
  4. Challenge the Food Police
  5. Discover the Satisfaction Factor
  6. Feel Your Fullness
  7. Cope with Your Emotions with Kindness
  8. Respect Your Body
  9. Movement - Feel the Difference
  10. Honor Your Health - Gentle Nutrition

We’ll look at how to set boundaries and why doing so can help you honor yourself while also nurturing your relationships. We’ll practice setting boundaries together within the group and navigate what it looks like to hold boundaries when people push against them.

Fatphobia, Resilience, and Self-Advocacy:
You’ll learn more about the history of fatphobia and weight stigma and build a self care plan that can serve you in any situation, whether it’s a family dinner or medical setting. You’ll learn how to express your needs and understand your nervous system in a way that allows you to advocate for yourself in a way that reflects who you are at your core.

Here’s what it will look like inside of EXPAND:

M-F Slack access to me from October 2022 through January 2023. 

  • If you're not familiar with Slack, it's a message board app where you can send me unlimited messages. 
  • I respond to messages same day, and I am in there to support you with coaching and guidance whenever you need it.

1x Live Coaching Call each week (sometimes more than one!)

  • How these calls work: These calls are set up webinar style where I will coach one person at a time for about 20ish minutes

1x Live Workshop session or 1x Group Gathering session each week

  • These workshops are curated and designed to build upon each other each week, beginning with more foundational topics that will help you build a solid baseline.
  • Worksheets and prompts will be shared after each workshop session for you to reflect and continue applying the work outside of our calls.

Instead of pre-recorded modules, you’ll be getting live access to me through a dynamic and interactive workshop series.

If you can’t attend the workshops, they’ll always be recorded and any accompanying material will be shared with you to use and integrate at your own pace.

These workshops will serve as catalysts for our group gatherings and individual coaching conversations.

Pay in full $3,000

2 payments $1,500

4 payments $750

6 payments $500

Program Investment
(multiple payment plans available)

I see you. I honor you.

And I know this will help you make that shift you desire and deserve.

Because you deserve dedicated attention and care on the parts of you that are tired of playing small.

You deserve to expand.


Program Calendar

Schedule is subject to change

Frequently Asked Questions

Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm EST. Mondays will typically be either a Live Workshop session or a Group Gathering. Wednesdays will be for Live Coaching. 

All the calls will be recorded and you’ll have lifetime access to them.

The investment for this program is $3,000 paid in full and there are multiple payment plans available with no penalty to you for splitting the payments.

Each week, there will be an opportunity to connect with me virtually on Zoom either through our coaching calls or workshop sessions, each of which will be 1 to 1.5 hours long. Beyond that, the amount of time you spend on integrating the material and working through things like journaling prompts is totally up to you!

Yes, but not via private 1:1 coaching sessions. You’ll have access to me for individual coaching in Slack on a daily basis and access to me for coaching during the live sessions each week. While the coaching sessions are not private, you will be the only person on camera with me while you are being coached. The other members of the group will be able to witness you being coached, either during the session in a webinar style format, or after the fact via the recording. Based on timing, it is typically feasible to spend about 20 minutes with 3 different people within a one hour coaching session.

I will do everything within my ability (and within reason) to ensure your satisfaction. Due to the nature of the Program, refunds will not be issued. If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything I can do to make your experience a more pleasant one, please email Molly Goodman at info@mollygoodman.com.

I can never guarantee specific results, but I am confident that if you engage with me and the material as it was intended, you’ll experience a shift from where you are now.

You are never required to participate on the calls. I will always encourage you to to participate in a way that feels good for you in the moment. Some days, that may mean you are asking for coaching and being visible. Other days, you may just want to watch others being coached and soak in the wisdom from those around you. You are allowed to show up however you need to - you are the expert on your own needs.

Expand is in no way a replacement for therapy, eating disorder treatment, and / or any other medical care. If you have an eating disorder, please visit National Eating Disorders Association for referrals or talk to a trusted health care provider for next steps and support.