Learn how to deconstruct your thoughts, rewrite your body story, and ditch diet culture for good.

The Body
Image Bridge

We're constantly bombarded with messages like...

"A moment on the lips, forever on the hips..."

"If you're over size 8, you're overweight..."

"If you're plus-size, you must hate your body (or yourself, or both)..."

Not to mention the more insidious ones, like...

lack of access to health care

constantly being offered dieting advice from everyone and their mother (or your own mother)

being sold the latest weight-loss pill, appetite-suppressing lollipop, or drastic, life-altering surgery

Because we hear them everyday, we find ourselves believing the diet culture messages that harm us.

And even when we realize the dangerous diet culture messages we've internalized, it's so hard to break free! We get sucked back in by a sneaky #fitspo ad or a snide comment from a relative.

With diet culture all around us, those messages become part of our body story.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine what your life could look like if. . .

Thankfully, we have the power to rewrite the narrative.

By deconstructing our thoughts, feelings, and actions, we can finally break free from diet culture.

You could finally feel confident and comfortable in your skin, choosing to wear what you love and showcasing your sense of style?

You could spend quality time with your friends and family, feeling calm, present and connected?

What if you could do all of this without the guilt and shame of diet culture BS holding you back?

Meet your coach, molly

Hi, friend! I'm Molly, a Certified Life Coach dedicated to helping women develop intuitive self-trust. I guide my clients into the gray area of life so they can abandon perfectionism and diet culture, instead of abandoning themselves.

Using my unique combination of coaching, creative self-care techniques, and mindset makeovers, I guide my clients to love and respect their bodies exactly as they are.

When I'm not helping my clients ditch diet culture for good, I love seeing live theatre, watching Schitt's Creek, and drinking too many vanilla oat milk lattes.

Here's what past clients have said

"I recommend working with Molly to anyone who expresses interest in learning more about the Health At Every Size movement.

Molly has been such a gift to me. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and pushes you when you need to be pushed.

I will be forever grateful to Molly and all she has done for me. "

- Anne

"I started being able to catch my thoughts I've had around my body and food and have been starting to use my bridge thoughts. Even doing this has started to change how I feel because of feeling proud of myself for noticing and being able to apply what I've learned.

I really enjoyed working with Molly.
She's a fabulous coach and does so much to support her clients!"

- Bri

"I learned so many tools to undo some of the toxic ways I was thinking about my relationship to food and my body. Now, I feel empowered to make decisions based on what I want and what I need. To center my feelings and to really just say screw it!

The thought work that we did was perhaps the greatest takeaway for me... it’s extended into so many other parts of my life, not just my relationship with food. My relationship to perfectionism has totally changed. I am forever grateful for this step forward I took with Molly."

- Mar

"It’s like giant lightbulbs are going off for me. I was equating diet culture with dieting, which I feel to have overcome, but had not recognized how many subliminal messages there are out there that reinforce the beliefs I’ve been trying to shed beyond that.
No wonder it’s so difficult!

This is such a gamechanger to have this clarity and awareness.
I just dug through so many layers of deeply seeded feelings and beliefs
I didn’t realize were being held. This work is so important. Thank you."

- Alina


The Body Image Bridge

A self-paced program to help you finally break free from diet culture and build a bridge toward body acceptance.

From deconstructing your thoughts, feelings, and actions to identifying how diet culture has damaged your body image, The Body Image Bridge will help you build a new narrative about your body with main character energy!

I know how easy it is to get stuck.

Diet culture is all around us. It's comfortable and so seductive. But it's also SO harmful!

And yet, even when you've seen the light and realize that dieting is not for you and that you'd rather LOVE your body...

It's so much easier to slip back into calorie-counting and body-shaming.

But even if we can't completely get rid of all the #fitspo ads and toxic messages, there is a way to build resilience against it all.

This program is for you if you're looking for a way off the diet culture rollercoaster.

The work doesn't happen overnight, which is exactly why this program was designed with longevity in mind. There's no quick-fix. But there are small changes that you can use to start feeling better about your body.

That's where the bridge comes in: you'll learn exactly how to bridge the gap between your current mindset and a new, more supportive body story.

You don't have to shrink.
You just need to learn how to shine.

By the end of this program, you'll...

have all the tools and techniques you need to accept your body exactly as it is.

change your inner landscape with a combination of mindset work and creative self-care, all at your own pace.

learn how to trust yourself implicitly and use your own intuition to guide you.

Ready to ditch diet culture for good?

What You Can Expect to Learn:

Current Mindset

You will learn what diet culture is, how to recognize it in everyday life and identify your current body story. You'll dig into more of your feelings and learn why grief is a crucial part of this process.

You'll learn tools and techniques to start gaining awareness and curiosity for your thoughts. You'll start reflecting and paying more attention to the current narrative about your body.

By the end of this module, you will be able to identify your feelings, the duality that is occurring, and what actions you might be taking that are keeping you in patterns around food and body image that are no longer serving you.

Lastly, you will put together all of the pieces you have learned while starting to write a new body story. Using the techniques and tools you have, you'll be able to create a strong vision for how you want to show up and take up space, free from diet culture's rules and restrictions.

This module will help you be able to identify habits as well as set some goals about new habits that will help you move toward body acceptance.

Body IMage

module 3:

module 4:

module 5:
Mindset shift

The goal of this program is to help you deconstruct your thoughts around your body, understand the feelings you have about diet culture, and gain clarity on what a life with true body acceptance can look like for you.

This is not work that can be done overnight, which is why these five modules were created to help you slowly build a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be.

Here's How The Body Image Bridge Students Are Rewriting Their Body Stories:

The Body Image Bridge is:

Accessible: This program distills the foundational concepts that I teach my private coaching clients into an on-demand, affordable option that you can access on your own time and more a fraction of the cost.

Self-Paced: The first four video lessons will drip out weekly, giving you time to start embodying these mindset shifts in a safe, thoughtful way. Modules 2-5 are then offered completely on-demand, so you can decide how quickly you want to go through the program. There is no time limit and the pace is up to you!

Actionable: With journal prompts, reflection exercises, and more, you'll be able to integrate everything you learn as you go. That way, you are building the skills you need to be resilient against diet culture messaging and build a future as the beautiful, embodied person you were always meant to be.

Five Modules Of Video Training

On-demand, bite-sized videos are organized in five modules that build upon one another. These lessons are designed with educational psychology to ensure that you learn, retain, and implement at your own pace.

The Body Image Bridge Workbook

Over 45 pages of journal prompts, guided lessons, and thought-provoking exercises.

Lifetime Access

Unlimited access to the program and any future updates or upgrades.

You'll Receive...

Full of book recommendations, podcast suggestions, online resource links and more to enhance your body image journey.

Free Resource Guide

Learn the 10 principles of Intuitive Eating and the 1 Key element that will make pursuing food freedom that much easier.

Bonus Module: Intuitive Eating

Plus, Two Bonuses to Help You Kick Diet Culture to the Curb & Expand Your Body Image Journey:

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of trying to force toxic positivity, it's much more helpful to deconstruct our mindset and create a bridge toward something new.

With body image work, it's not just a one and done thing. It takes slowly moving across that bridge toward the other side. And this program is designed to help you do just that!

Each of the 25   videos is less than 10 minutes long. I would recommend spending 30-60 minutes a week on the worksheets and journal prompts, but you can take the course at your desired pace. For the first month, you’ll receive one video from module 1 each week so you have time to absorb and implement the work.

Part of this process is finding what works for you in terms of daily and weekly habits. As you move through the lessons, some exercises may take longer than others. Give yourself time and space to reflect as needed.

The Body Image Bridge is in no way a replacement for therapy, eating disorder treatment, and / or any other medical care. If you have an eating disorder, please visit National Eating Disorders Association for referrals or talk to a trusted health care provider for next steps and support.

The program costs $397, or you can pay in two installments of $199. 

I will do everything within my ability (and within reason) to ensure your satisfaction. Due to the downloadable nature of the Program, refunds will not be issued for the Program once it is purchased.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything I can do to make your experience a more pleasant one, please email Molly Goodman at info@mollygoodman.com.

Yes! I take on a limited number of private clients and am always happy to discuss how I can support you. Please reach out via email at info@mollygoodman.com to discuss.

There is no private coaching component included in the Body Image Bridge program.

No problem! Just send me an email at info@mollygoodman.com, and I’ll get back to you within two business days. I’d be happy to help.

Are You Ready To Rewrite Your Body Story?

If you want to love your body as it is…

If you want to build self-trust, resilience, and intuition…

If you’re ready to say “buh-bye” to diet culture and “hello, friend” to a better relationship with your body…

...The Body Image Bridge is meant for you.


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